Choose Power That's Easy To Use
Our Trillium Gold Holter Analysis Software can be used with our Trillium 2000™, Trillium 3000™, Trillium 4000™, or Trillium 5000™ Holter Recorders to form a complete and comprehensive Holter Monitoring System that is both powerful and easy to use. Trillium Gold based Holter Monitoring Systems allow you to get started with just a single recorder for 2 or 3 channel, 24 or 48 hour, monitoring applications.

Provide the Best Possible Care
Our Trillium Gold Holter Analysis Software provides flexible and accurate analysis, expanded functionality, powerful editing capabilities, and configurable and editable reports to give you the information you need to provide the best possible patient care.

Trillium Gold provides complete support for pediatric through adult applications
and include pacemaker detection and reporting (for pacemaker compatible recorders). Please see the reverse side
of this document for more complete details on our Trillium Gold Holter Analysis Software.

Discover the Value Leader in Holter
Forest Medical Holter Monitoring Systems are surprisingly affordable and provide the best long term value in Holter monitoring technology.

Trillium Gold based Holter Monitoring Systems are easily and economically expandable with multiple recorders and workstations and are fully upgradable as new developments arise. By choosing Forest Medical, you can be sure that you’ve made the right investment in Holter monitoring technology now and for the future.

Learn More
Please visit the Trillium Gold Reports page for more information on analysis capabilities and to download copies of sample reports. Please also see our screen pages for samples of actual data entry and analysis screens. And visit our Trillium 2000, Trillium 3000, Trillium 4000, and Trillium 5000 Holter Recorder pages for more information on compatible recorders. To download a copy of the Trillium Gold Holter Analysis Software data sheet, please select this link
(PDF: 258 KB).



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