Economical Holter Monitoring Systems
for Primary Care Applications

Our rugged and economical Holter Recorder/Analyzers and Holter Recorders are ideally suited for many types of primary care applications. Our Trillium 1000 Holter Recorder/Analyzer with Direct to Print capabilities makes it possible to get started with Holter monitoring in your office at the lowest possible cost and without additional office space, computers, or personnel.
Case Study - Ohio

In 2004 a single Internist practice in a small Midwestern city had employed a “Scanning Service” for several years with a Holter recorder and supplies placed into the practice (at no cost). The physician’s staff would hook up a patient and remove the recorder at the completion of the test. The data (flash card or tape) was sent to the scanning service by express delivery, analyzed, and a report returned to the physician in a few days. The physician received the first component of the billing (hook-up and removal), the service received the second component (computer assisted report generation), and they both split the third component (physician over-read).

Upon close evaluation of the time, skills and costs involved, the physician concluded that a superior report could be generated with Forest Medical's Holter monitoring system in-house more quickly, with little additional time spent and with the cost being offset by full billing at as little as one or two procedures performed per month. Return on investment was achieved within six months.

Step Up to PC Based Analysis

If your practice is ready for PC based Holter analysis, consider our Trillium Silver™, Trillium Gold™, or Trillium Platinum™ Holter Analysis Software products that are powerful and flexible,
yet easy to use.

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