Telemedicine Expedition Success
As part of OPERATION OUTREACH: NEPAL 1998 PHASE I, the Trillium 3000 Holter Recorder/Analyzer was tested in the extreme climate of Nepal's Mount Everest. After the tests, Dr. Vincent Grasso, Medical Director, Everest Extreme Expedition and founder of Extreme Telemedicine provided the following comments:

"The Trillium 3000 monitor performed flawlessly despite the adverse conditions at Everest. Medical data was recorded, stored and transmitted via satellite without difficulty during the entire expedition. I now feel confident that the product can be integrated into the OPERATION OUTREACH projects, continuing with Uganda July 23rd."

Image 1 - Base Camp Telemedicine Tent
Base Camp Mount Everest located at approximately 17,500 feet. This tent contained all of the Telemedicine gear including the Trillium 3000 Holter Cardiography System, along with a full clinic with operating capabilities. Over 50 people were treated during our stay there.

Image 2 - Vincent with Sherpa Mountain Guide
One of the Sherpa already wired up with the electrodes who went out with the Trillium 3000 Holter System running. Interestingly, he is wearing Buddhist charms given to him by the Dali Lama himself!

Image 3 - Vincent with Ang Shering Sherpa
Out climbing consultant for the expedition who was hooked up to the Trillium 3000 Holter System. I am getting ready to download the Holter data into the computer then transfer the data via satellite back to the USA.

Image 4 - Vincent lecturing in Kathmandu
Prior to Everest Extreme Expedition at the major teaching hospital, Tribhuvan Hospital. I had a 3 day telemedicine Conference and Laproscopic Training Seminar there before we left for Everest. The Trillium 3000 Holter Recorder/ Analyzer is on the table. The conference was attended by 100 people including representatives from the Ministry of Health and Communication.

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