Holter Monitoring Systems for Hospitals of Any Size
Our advanced digital Holter monitoring products successfully meet the most demanding usability, durability, technical, and economic requirements of hospitals
of any size.

Case Study - Florida
In 2004, a hospital system in southern Florida needed 20 Forest Medical Holter Recorders to service four area locations. Forest Medical Holter Analysis Software was Installed centrally on a network drive allowing the program to be used by technicians at all four locations (up to 20 miles apart). Data can be downloaded from our Holter Recorders at one location, reviewed and edited at another location (or more than one for some challenging rhythms) and then printed to another location (if the doctor is at that location that day). The hospital system uses Forest Medical equipment and software for many applications including 48-hour studies, pediatrics, and geriatrics.

Case Study - California
In 1998, a pediatric hospital in central California with a central Cardiology Department and several affiliated external offices needed 25 Forest Medical Holter Recorders and Holter Analysis Software installed centrally on a network drive as well as independently on outlying office workstations (Up to 100 miles apart). Holter monitoring data is generally downloaded at a central location while studies can be reviewed, edited, and printed across the hospital's 1600+ PC network. Completed Narrative Reports are uploaded to an Electronic Medical Records system. The system has been significantly upgraded and expanded over time with additional Forest Medical Holter Recorders and Holter Analysis Software.


Case Study - West Virginia
A small hospital in West Virginia could not afford Holter monitoring equipment in the past. This forced patients to travel long distances for testing and to have to wait for the results. The hospital was very delighted that technically sophisticated equipment, with powerful Holter Analysis Software from Forest Medical, could be learned by their staff and used efficiently, reliably and especially affordably in their facility. A win for the hospital, its doctors, staff, and especially the patients.

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