Q. What version of Microsoft Windows® is your software compatible with?

A. Forest Medical’s Trillium Silver, Trillium Gold, and Trillium Platinum Holter Analysis Software is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home and all other versions of the operating system back to Windows 98 Second Edition. Our Trillium PC Companion software is compatible with Windows XP Home and all other versions of the operating system back to Windows 3.1.

What will vary with different versions of the Windows operating system are the connectivity methods available for downloading patient studies. Versions of Windows earlier than Windows 98 Second Edition do not reliably support USB, so downloading via a USB card reader is not an option. With Windows 2000 and Windows XP, the serial/parallel interface cable is not supported, so with these systems downloading via the Forest Medical PC Interface cable is not available. To tell the Trillium software which interface method to use, select File/Download Setup and click the appropriate device type from the list, then click OK to save the setting. Please contact Forest Medical for assistance before upgrading PC hardware or Operating Systems to insure that the appropriate interface device is in place.

Q. What kind of computer will I need to run your software?

A. Forest Medical’s Trillium Holter Analysis Software can run on virtually any Windows based PC. We recommend as a reasonable minimum a Pentium class computer with 128 Megabytes of RAM, 2 available USB ports, an SVGA monitor, 2-Button Mouse, 300 dpi Windows supported printer, a CD-ROM drive (to install the software), and at least 200 Megabytes of available Hard Disk space (for the software and several patient studies). Please call for specific advice regarding existing computers or intended replacements that will be running the Trillium software.

Q. Can I end a monitoring session before 24 hours has elapsed?

A. Yes. With the Trillium 1000™ Holter Recorder/Analyzer and Trillium 2000, Trillium 3000™, and Trillium 4000 Holter Recorders, simply remove the patient cable from the monitor. The screen will change to read: “Suspend”. Hold down the leftmost button for approximately 6 seconds. The screen will change to read: “End Mon? No / Yes”. Press the button below “yes”. The screen will now read: “Creating Report”. When the screen changes to read: “Monitor Done”, the report is completed and ready to be downloaded.

With the Trillium 5000 Holter Recorder, press and hold the Left Arrow button and the Enter Button simultaneously, the screen will show “Preparing to Shut Down” then go blank. The report is now ready to be downloaded.

Q. When the patient returned, the screen said “Monitor Done MC FULL”. What does this mean?

A. In a very small percentage of monitoring sessions (less than 5%), the flash memory card will fill up with data before the end of the monitoring session. Any combination of several factors may contribute to this. There is no problem with the operation of the device, and the next monitoring session will not likely repeat this message. The monitor will detect that its memory capacity is full and stop itself early and create the report. Your patient’s data should be ready to download. Usually, the report will be only slightly less than the full 24 hours.

Q. What caused the memory card to get full?

A. The “MC FULL” is an infrequent event that indicates one or more of the following conditions are present:
  • Poor Hook-up Quality leading to excessive artifact in the recording.
    (Initial Signal Quality on one or more leads in the “Red Zone”)
  • Loss of an electrode.
  • Intermittent break in a lead wire.
  • Patient in an electrically “noisy” environment: sleeping under an electric blanket,
    exposed to microwaves, strong electro-magnetic fields, etc.
  • Sustained high heart rate (18 plus hours over 175 BPM)
  • Unusually large amount of complex arrhythmia.
  • Paced patient with some combination of the above.
  • 3-channel recording with some combination of the above.

The first two conditions are easily controlled with consistent attention paid to the proper preparation of the patient, selection of electrode sites and use of high-quality Holter electrodes. Lead wires should be carefully cleaned and inspected after each use.  The patient should be instructed to avoid electrically noisy environments as much as possible for the duration of the monitoring period. The other conditions are generally outside of your control, and quite rare.

An MC Full condition does not mean that the memory card needs to be erased or is no longer usable. It is simply an indicator that during the monitoring session one or more of the above conditions were present.

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